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Appliances help to make our lives easier. Dishwashers, clothes dryers, and electric stoves help save us time and energy compared to what our great grandparents experienced.

Electrical appliances also help us to enjoy our lives. Think of our lives without TV, the internet, ceiling fans or lights.

Some appliances like dishwashers, stoves and dryers need something more than just a 110v plug. Dryers and stoves made need what is known as a 220v hook up. A 220v hook up has more voltage, more amperage and a different plug configuration. This is a job for an electrician, not an amateur, but a professional electrician.

There are cases where you have a 220v hook up but the dryer has a different plug configuration. I can remedy that problem quickly by changing out the dryer cord. You can rest assured knowing that I’ve made the modification with your safety in mind.

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TVs mounted against the wall with all of the cords and cable hidden within the wall has become very popular. I’ve performed this task many times and can do it for quickly and correctly. This is not a task for the average Do It Yourselfer. Running wires behind a wall and having them emerge in the right place takes time and precision. Save yourself time and frustration by calling me at 251-543-7606.

Another common household appliance is the ceiling fan. A ceiling fan is a great addition to your home. By efficiently circulating air throughout a room, a ceiling fan helps to lower your power bill and make your home more comfortable. While it may look simple, looks can be deceiving. Not many people are truly familiar with electrical wiring and working overhead can be confusing and tiring. I’ve installed hundreds if not thousands of ceiling fans correctly, securely and safely.

If you need help with any appliance call me, Tim Liner at 543-7606!

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