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Charter Boat Electrician Gulf Shores

Charter Boat Electrician Gulf Shores call Tim Liner at 251-543-7606. A master electrician with experience and skill in repairing and rewiring charter boats of all sizes, Tim Liner is the man to call.

You know how important it is to have everything on your charter boat working properly. Anything that is not working properly puts you and your clients in danger. Runner lights and starter switches, both are important to a safe excursion.

You would hate to be miles out on the Gulf when one of your electrical items failed, leaving you looking bad in your customers’ eyes; or worst, endangering all lives on board.

We all know the toll that salt can take on just about everything on board your charter boat, your electrical items in particular. It is wise to have a master electrician like Tim Liner check out your electrical systems and make repairs before they present themselves in the worst possible times.

Carbon Monoxide and Boats

It is always sad to hear about carbon monoxide poisonings,  but it happens often enough for us to be on guard against carbon monoxide and its dangers. A hard wired carbon monoxide detector should be installed in every boat with any sort of cabin. CO2 is an odorless, tasteless gas that can be produced by fuel burning engines and gather in the cabin areas of boats undetected by passengers and crew. Tim Liner can quickly install a CO2 detection system to protect all those on your boat. The life you save may be your own as you are probably more likely to spend time in the cabin than your fishing clients.

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