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Electrician in Daphne, Alabama Call 251-543-7606

Hi, I’m Tim Liner, a certified master electrician, living right here in Daphne, Alabama. Daphne is a wonderful place. We have Mobile Bay, awesome schools and great shopping.

As some of our neighborhoods like Lake Forest and Old Town age, many of us want to bring our homes up-to-date. I live in Lake Forest and have helped some of my neighbors as they’ve renovated their homes. Any time you make renovations to your home that include changes or additions to your electrical system you need to call a qualified electrician.

I want to be the electrician in Daphne, Alabama!

New construction, additions, renovations, rewiring, ceiling fans, 220 volts for dryers and ovens, landscape lighting, exhaust fans, recessed lighting, flat screen TV mounting with cords within the wall, computer and phone lines.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Design and Consulting, Appliances

Call me to be your Commercial Electrician right here in Daphne. Store lighting, computer and communications, parking lot lighting and more. I have 37 years experience as an electrician and can complete any project; big or small.

Industrial; I worked for years in factories and have a great knowledge of what it takes to keep the electrical part of a factory performing at its best while keeping employees safe. Production downtime is lost money. Call me at 251-543-7606 to help keep your industrial setting running smoothly.

Marine Electronics; one of the greatest things about being an electrician in Daphne, Alabama is our proximity to water. I love to be on a pier over looking Mobile Bay. I also love to use my skills as a master electrician to install and repair lights on piers and docks. I’ve also installed lights for fishing both above water and underwater. The lights attract fish of all sizes making it easier to catch a mess of them. I also have experience with the electrical systems on boats. From runabouts to yachts, working electronics are a must. You don’t want to be out at night without proper lighting. Not only is it unsafe, but it is also illegal. Let me repair your boat’s electrical system before you find yourself in trouble.

Design and Consulting; Proper planning with design and consulting can save time, money and trouble ahead. If you were to have an idea and run with it only to find out you made a mistake in planning for your electrical needs, you would be sorry. Let me, Tim Liner, put my master electrician skill to use and help you plan your electrical system so that it works in the best way possible. Using my expertise I can make suggestions that will work properly, safely while using the most efficient products on the market.

Appliances; As an electrician in Daphne I’ve been called plenty of times to help install appliances of all sorts. Dishwashers, stoves, microwave ovens, ceiling fans, exhaust fans and dryers. I can do all of these jobs faster and many times cheaper than a Do It Yourselfer with limited knowledge and skill. Electricity is not to be played with. If you don’t know what you are doing you could wind up dead or your house could burn down. Call me and let me do it for you. You will rest better knowing the job was done correctly and safely.

Call me Tim Liner at 251-543-7606 and allow me to be your electrician in Daphne, Alabama.


See you soon




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